Warranty Policy

Warranty information can be found on each product page under the Key Features and within the product description.

Warranties will vary by product, condition (Factory New, Factory Refurbished, and Certified Refurbished), and by the manufacturer. The warranty period begins on the date the item is delivered/received by the customer. Please be sure to unpack, inspect and test the items in a timely manner as MFI Medical will not be responsible for issues with equipment or items that are not opened promptly and past the warranty period.

Condition Warranty Policy
Factory New Items Warrantied by and through the manufacturer. All warranty claims must be processed through the original manufacturer. MFI is available to assist with any manufacturer warranty claims.
Factory Refurbished Products are warrantied by and through the manufacturer. All warranty claims must be processed through the original manufacturer. MFI is available to assist with any manufacturer warranty claims.
Certified Refurbished Include a warranty through MFI Medical. The warranty on certified items is a parts & labor warranty that covers faulty components and defects. Warranty does not cover routine maintenance, consumables, everyday wear items, and user damage. After the expiration of the warranty period, MFI is available to assist with technical support.

* Please note that shipping charges are usually not covered under warranty for non-continental US orders and orders for Factory New and Factory Refurbished items.

Submit a Warranty Claim

To submit a warranty claim, please email warranty@mfimedical.com with the following:

  • Order number.
  • Brief description of the issues you are experiencing.

Our team will open a support ticket and assist you every step of the way.

Certified Satisfaction Guarantee

MFI has certified technicians who are standing by to assist with any questions. Although issues are rare, they can appear and usually are easily resolved over the phone. If the problems are not resolved remotely, our team will determine whether the item should be sent back to MFI or send a technician on-site for repairs.

To expedite a response to your issue, be prepared to provide details on how (steps executed) and when (time and date) the problem occurred. We will also require the order number, serial number, and media (photos & videos showing the issue and how everything is connected). Let us know if you feel that our quality does not meet your expectations, and we will work to achieve your satisfaction.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are available for purchase up until the date of standard warranty expiration. For example, if you purchased an item with a 90-day warranty on January 1st, your warranty would expire on April 1st. You would have to add an extended warranty before April 1st. If you would like to add more than 1 year of coverage, you may purchase as many years as desired.

Please keep in mind that any item(s) out of warranty or not purchased through MFI will either need to be sent in for calibration or certified on-site by an MFI-hired technician prior to purchase (charges may apply). You can find information below on how to request service.

If you are purchasing equipment, the extended warranty will be available as an add on underneath the orange "Add to cart" button. Simply check the box next to the "1-Year Extended Warranty".

If you have already purchased equipment and would like to add an extended warranty, you can visit our website and purchase an extended warranty separately.

You can find a list of products we offer extended warranties for as well as their respective prices on our website under "Product Types".

Product Service (Out of Warranty)

Our technicians & engineers offer services for items that are out of warranty or not purchased through MFI Medical. These services include the repair as well as certification. Most services are billed at an hourly rate, and we do offer some flat rate repair or exchange services for specific items.


  • Our team provides an initial repair estimate. This estimate will be edited upon the completion of the repair (Labor hours will be adjusted, replacement parts costs and shipping will be added).
  • You provide us information of the item being sent in (model number, manufacturer, serial number, issue. pics of the item if possible, and the tracking number of the item being sent in for repair).
  • Our biomedical engineers will provide an assessment of the equipment and come to a determination for repair. Our team stays in communication with you throughout the entire process.
  • Once the repair is completed, our team will provide you an updated bill with the cost of replacement parts and labor.
  • After payment is received you receive your equipment back in excellent condition.


Our repair hourly rate is $150 per hour and a 2-hour minimum will be required for the initial evaluation, which is non-refundable. You will receive the initial repair estimate with this minimum.

  • The cost of replacement parts will be added to the final bill.
  • Shipping fees may be added depending on the weight of the equipment.
  • A return shipping fee will be charged for items that are determined to be non-repairable after evaluation by our engineering department.
SKU Title Rate Minimum
MFI-LABOR-PH Technician Labor Cost $150 Per Hour 2 hours
MFI-TRAVEL Technician Travel Cost $150 Per Hour 1 hour
MFI-TRAINING Remote Software Training Cost $200 Per Hour 2 hours
Technical Support Available

Technical support is available during local (PST) business hours (*charges apply).

  • Telephone support - Free
  • Product service (under warranty) - Free
  • Product service (out of warranty)*
  • Service agreements*
  • Service loaners*
  • Service training*
  • Replacement service parts*

Request Service


  1. Email service@mfimedical.com with the item(s) manufacturer, model, serial number(s), and any issues along with the desired services. We will also require your complete contact information and address.
  2. Our team will review and recommend the best process. If determined that the customer needs to send in the item(s) for service, our team will email a Sales Order for you to print and include with the package. This document instructs us on what we need to do with the shipment and who the items belong to. Failure to include could cause your items to become lost. We require a two-hour minimum for our technicians to review and test the equipment.
  3. Our technicians will report if any parts or additional labor is required to complete the service for your approval. Our team stays in communication with you throughout the entire process.
  4. After the item is finished being serviced, our team will ship the item if payment has been processed.


  • Once you have sent your unit in for service, please email service@mfimedical.com your shipping carrier's tracking number and corresponding sales order number. Our engineering department will document this in our system to track and receive your equipment for a quick repair turnaround.
Mar 30, 2021

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